Treatment by Giovanni Bucci


I wrote this concept to be open and work well with a large variety of brands and be produced in the format of commercial or viral for the web. The idea is like a container that stands well on its own, so we look for the right brand that embraces the idea and that would like to be part of this project. We could even involve more than one brand. Of course once we have a client we will revise the idea and tailor it based on their requirements. We are getting close to the World Cup and everyone is entering a soccer state of mind so the commercial/viral potentially can run during or after the World Cup, following up and getting some extra attention.
As I did on past projects, I will bring this concept to life through Void and DIsorder Inc. leading a team from pre production to post production up to final delivery.


A ball game where commonly the ball gets kicked too hard and flies away, but where will it land this time? In the most unlikely of all places, one would think: a girls gathering at a party. But as the girls timidly try to hit the ball to shush it away from them, one kick leads to the other until they find themselves playing a full-on soccer game in the middle of a transformed field, which now looks like a Japanese manga location. Brazil-inspired moves, Shaolin Soccer-style body torsions, never-before-seen extreme tackles - everything goes. The ball has the power to drive wild even the least expected group of people, and for this very short time the girls intend to play out this fantasy as hard as they can..


Having classy girls playing hardcore soccer in high heels gives us the opportunity to promote all kind of products.
We can have haute couture fashion brands (Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Agent Provocateur…), high street fashion stores (H&M, Forever 21…), fashion brands (Diesel, Benetton, Nike, Adidas…), beauty brands (MAC, Dior and fragrances), beverages (Redbull, Heineken, Belvedere Vodka, Bombay Sapphire…), food (Carls Jr, M&M'S…).
The girls can wear branded clothes, purses, shoes and we can have department stores, from luxury to high street (Selfridges, Harrods, Bloomingdale’s, M&S, Target), highlighting various products from shoes to items falling from their purses, in slow motion (make up, fragrances, candies…). They can hold drinks or eat food while playing and these can fall from the girls hands in slow motion as they get more and more into the game. Slow motion technique gives the opportunity to highlight products, while keeping the dynamism of the action. These are just some quick examples of how the video can work for so many brands.


We open on a group of young guys having a soccer game. In the heat of the confrontation one of them kicks the ball very hard, and we see it leaving the field and disappearing into the distance.
Cut to an outdoor party. A large group of girls are at a party and the first thing that strikes us is how composed and well behaved they all look like. Dressed with style, classy, high heels making them stand all upright. A soft whisper here, a bored glance there. Someone teach these girls how to have fun, ASAP! Wait... not someone... something!
The ball thrown from the soccer game at the beginning falls right in front of the group of girls. Their reaction is almost of disgust. The ball rolls and stops close to the feet of one of them, who clumsily tries to kick it with her high heel shoe. The ball innocently travels a few meters and hits the heel of another girl, who turns and looks at it surprised. As she cracks a smile she hits the ball with her heel, without looking where it will go. We follow it with the camera, and it ends on the other side of the space, where more bored girls are hanging. As soon as one of them sees the ball coming, she asks her friend to hold her drink and kicks the ball as hard as she can.
An improvised game starts. This was the moment all the girls were unconsciously waiting for. They all instantly break out of their boredom, and start running after the ball as an avalanche follows a solitary skier.
But the ball now is flying so fast through the air that it starts growing a light trail behind itself, like a comet. And as the camera tries to follow the girls sudden rush, we see that something else is assuming a different look: the whole environment now has transformed into a fictional location, inspired by the graphic look of Japanese manga.
The ground gets rounded and it starts appearing endless, as we see the feet of the girls running frantically after the ball. One of them enters the frame sliding with her body on the ground, and the ball direction is diverted.
The game is full on now. We can't believe that these are the same girls we just saw a few seconds before. Pushing, kicking, screaming, sliding, tackling, jumping. Moves are now over the top and it quickly becomes clear they are living out a wild improvised fantasy with no apparent rules and direction to it.
The only important thing is to keep the ball moving, and to do it as over the top as they can. Which can mean that after they jump they stay mid-air for several seconds. Or that before hitting the ball they spin a couple times. In case you're wondering if they're still wearing their high heel shoes, yes they are.
And amazingly they still manage to be unrealistically athletic. What about their purses? Oh yeah, they carry those as well, and they might even use them as a device to hit the ball and keep it moving. And if the purse doesn't work, they might throw a shoe after the ball. Who cares! No rules apply at their improvised rumpus! This is a big, playful mess. The only thing that could be an issue for these classy ladies is that the ground is rather dirty, and as they roll over each other to gain possession of the rolling object they also start to get covered with dirt, from head to toe. But they don't care: the ball and the game have taken possession of them as well, and all the rest is secondary.
(please note that these two references above are only a loose reference for dirt, not for how girls will be dressed or look like)
As dresses get ripped apart and more dirt covers their frantic bodies we cut to a few boys from the soccer game at the beginning, who turn a corner and are presented with the most unusual and amusing sight: a group of girls fighting for a ball while in their classy dresses and high heel shoes. The entire imaginary world has disappeared around them. It's only a bunch of girls being completely silly because of a random ball. The boys are smiling. The girls realize the boys are looking at them, and stop playing, with a slightly embarrassed and amused look on their faces. One of the girls kicks the ball and the boys catch it, smiling, with their interest still aroused by this unique scene they just witnessed.
Still excited from the sudden adrenaline rush the girls hug and laugh and toast happily, revealing they were just a nice group of best friends, waiting for the right spark.


The video will start as a completely realistic environment. When the girls start playing, it will become a mix of real footage and VFX graphic elements. But when we get into the real heat of the game the whole environment transforms and we enter a fantasy world, where the girls can jump 5 times as high as normal, and super slow motion allows them to float mid air for several seconds.
In their imagination anything can and will happen. The ball is being their muse.
(the above image is a style-frame I designed myself as reference of how the graphics will look loosely like)
I will play with speed changes, so in one shot they will be playing very fast and the shot after they will be seen in slow motion, and the shot after fast again:
Below you can find a video reference of how the integration of graphics and real life footage can look like:


I would like to have a varied mix of ethnicities.
They will all be different but their dresses will have a "party" connotation, so the styles leaning more towards the elegant and sleek but with an edge. This way the contrast between their classy appearance and the harshness of the soccer game will be even more striking.


Soccer is an incredibly popular game, but still has many people that are not really into it. Many enjoyed playing it when younger, but don't really follow it much anymore or even go to games.
Men play the most important professional matches and the male audience will be happy to watch a group of girls going wild on a soccer field, especially when treated in a comic/action kind of way. On the other side the female audience will easily identify with the girls having fun because of the out-of-nowhere ball, and be engaged throughout it.
Manga lovers and comic fans in general always appreciate an unusual take on their favorite kind of imaginary world.
I have done some research and had a hard time putting together relevant references for the treatment I am proposing, because apparently no one has been showing classy girls playing hardcore soccer in high heels and especially not in a crazy manga world.
I hope you enjoyed reading the treatment as much as I did writing it, and if you want to discuss any of this further I'm available to find solutions that will steer the video in the best direction possible.
Looking forward to work together,